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Racism of Donald Trump Vs. Critical Race Theory!

During the 2020 election Donald Trump told the insurrectionist to get ready by saying "Stand up and Stand back" a leader of the mob got 4 years in Jail Trump the main Leader of it all is now seeming Possible to be re-elected in 2024 meanwhile a Black Woman Legislator got 8 years for touching a white house door with her case being swept under a rug - 

11 Moorish Americans were Arrested to show Fearful force to other Black Militias - while Caucasians have many Militias including the KKK from times of Critical Race Theory this so things could be made Possible so we can Repeat Black History all over again!

Racism vs. Supremacy - Like the Dred Scott case part of what is being called Critical Race Theory that Caucasians want banned so it will repeat with them some how Not looking bad and evil for bringing back things of the past. If that's Not enough they are also trying to use Conservative Politics Decisions to defeat Rights obtained in the 1950's and 60's.

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