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Not HelpFul USA Legislations People & There is No Equal Protections Under USA Laws but Racisms - Holy * Qur'an - 72:11 ----

Governmental Sovereignty - ! - UNITED NATIONS INDIGENOUS LEGAL STANDARDS - U.S.A. Ratified - 16 December 2010 at 10:00Am - by, U.S.Pres. Barack H. Obama




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For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
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" ~ Holy Qur'an of Mecca ~ "

Reasons for Racist Brutal Cruel Miserable Deaths are based in Scriptural Predictions

Isaiah ~ 1, Hosea ~ 4:6, 2 Tim. ~ 3:1 to 7, 2 Tim.~ 4:3, Psalms 7:15

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon

3:103* ~  Holy * Qur'an ~ 13:11

 W. - 2:44 & 2:186 +  R.

2:224 & 2:263 & 2:286 & R. ~ 3:7 & 4:34 & 31 & 36 & 77 




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263. Kind words
And the covering of faults

Are better than charity
Followed by injury.
God is Free of all wants,
And He is most Forbearing.



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UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples



Article 1

Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collec


tive or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms

as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights


and international human rights law.

Article 2

Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other

peoples and individuals and have the right to be free from any kind

of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that

based on their indigenous origin or identity.

Article 3

Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue

of that right they freely determine their political status and freely

pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Article 4

Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination,

have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to


Resolution 217 A (III).


their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financ


ing their autonomous functions.

Article 5

Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their

distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions,

while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in

the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.

Article 6

Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality.


UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


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Jude 14

Enoch - 17K - Adam


Holy Qur'an



U.S. Constitution› 11th Amendment

1.917.815.5263 // 1.347.896.2023

11th Amendment

Amendment XI

The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.


With the Proper Full Understanding of this Document the 1st - 13th - 14th - and 15th

U.S. Constitutional Articles and / or Amendments

Will NOT , Cannot, and MUST NOT pertain to us any longer NOW as a PEOPLE!


This Webpages Table of Contents:


1- 1. Governmental Recognition

2- 2. Theocratic - Religious Nationality Importance

3- 4. Devil versus God

4- 8. Morocco - Moors - and - The Moroccan Empire

5- 9. United States Constitution

6- 9. Five Fifths - NOT - Three Fifths - Deprived of Two or All the Fifths!

7- 18. A.L.M. - Ammara ~ Lawama ~ Mu'maina - Id, Ego, Superego!


Governmental Recognition

            Our Indigenous Sovereign Nationality here in one of the Americas of our original homelands. You need belonging to your own Government not the U.S. Government to get help from another world Government because NO Government is going to jump into the affairs of another Government haphazardly NO Government is coming to the aid of any unorganized, undeclared group of people who have no identity recognizable nor foundation like they might  be considered vagabonds, squatters of a foreign land not belonging nor knowing their very own therefore NO HELP can nor will come infringing in the U.S. Gov't. affairs with unknown undeclared unidentified people organize in your own Government. These are the reasons why we have NO SECURITY RECOGNITION, nor equal protection under the U.S. Law system and so forth.

            This is primarily because the U.S. Government is not any form of Government meant for us, and we must have and do have our very own Government for all of our people Blacks and Latinos. We will never and have never had any real or full proper justice under the U.S. Law system of Government historically. We have NO real legitimate representation with the U.S. Government.


Religious Nationality Importance

            Our True Rightful Religion if you study the intellectual theological information that I have intensively, and extensively provided I myself have come to the conclusion Holy Scripturally should be spiritually that of us all considering, and declaring ourselves to be Moorish American Nuwaupian Muslims.

            Moorish =

                        We are descendants here in America (Amexem - Africa), or (mixed Africa) taken from coastal shores of the Continent Motherland Africa, even according to Abraham's (Ibrahiym's) Prophecy s found in the book of the Holy Bible Genesis. Morocco being exact which according to the American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary actually means originally made. Here, we can see that we are Indigenous or (Indians), because we are also many of us are those who were originally here, and made, built this American Land, where we are deprived and terribly, tremendously marginalized, killed and abused in the U.S. from since slave times, starting with and coming even before Christopher Columbus, of both North and South American territories, and its adjoining islands Northpole to Southpole of the Americas.

            We are the Apache, Cherokette, Zulu, Aztecs, Myans, Incas, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Ghanians, Nigerians, Moroccans that were first, and originally placed here before all others by our Father God - Allah.






            Not just. Metu Neter alone!

            Genesis & John 1:1

            1 John 5:6 to 8

            H.Q. 2, H.Q. 4:1, H.Q. 49:1, H.Q. 33:1 to 9


                        Nuwaupian (or) Nuwaubian

                        Nubian (or) Nabi= Prophetic Race  (or) the Race and Religious Heritage of the Prophets. {Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan}- H.Q. 33:6 & 7 - Genesis Covenant of God with Abraham - Ibrahiym.

Isaiah 43:3 > Princes of Seba or Nuba = Horsebacks = Princesses of Seba or Nuba - Song of Solomon - Holy Bible!

3 For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee.


            Peaceful ones of our Religious Creed - Islam

H.Q. 5:3, H.Q. 27:30 & H.Q. 74:30, H.Q. 15:87, H.Q. 1 & 36 Ya'sin - MHK 48.

Ones of Peace!

            We want peace as a people like we once had, living of, for, and by each other, but there are those who want to take our lands, possessions, resources, and everything else, so that they can live, and survive. - H.Q. 72, 91, 96, 103, 3:103.

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice!


Equality and Unity

H.Q. 49:1 to 13

H.Q. 15:26, 27

H.Q. 33:33 ?

H.Q. 2


            No one in Government or among our adversaries cares about beliefs, opinions, religions, churches, Mosques, or Masajids, Synagogues, or anything else. Its about status, money, greed, position, power, jealousy, ego, pride, and all other high mindedness, even territorial control, resources, riches, wealth, space, servants, health, selfish living, and so forth, these are all some of the main evils of the adversaries, we are going against, or who rather are going against us even more-so to annihilate us totally.

Race vs. Race / Sex vs. Sex / Status vs. Status / Authority vs. Authority

 Control vs. Control / Pride vs. Humiliation / Wrong vs. Right / Evil vs. Good

 Devil vs. God

            Any other Government other than our own together - Networked - will not work.

Not the U.S. Government

Not the British Government

Not the Chinese Government

Not the French Government

Not any other European Governments

We must become attached to our very own Governments that are here for us!

            We cannot be nor remain being deprived, ignored as far as our rights as a people, killed, marginalized, and so forth, because of the fact that others consider us to be an undeclared slave class of Negroes from some unknown to us parts, and places in Africa, originally, and therefore indigenously, there nor anywhere else (mixed or NOT) being undeclared, and therefore not having a home of identity like others want us to believe, but we do.

            This is why in 1920 a Government was set in place for us through the League of Nations founded in 1914 for the protection of all World Nations against Wars, us and all of ours as a people included. A Government was established by our Brother and Predecessor Marcus Mosiah Garvey to address the views of how others wanted to declare us and how we needed to be seeing ourselves as well to combat undeclared unknown identity issues known as the Universal Negroe Improvement Association, African

Communities League Government, to give us an identity which we were stripped of by slavery, whether we know or knew of our TRUE place in our MOTHERLAND, and Continent Africa, derived from the tribes of Shabazz, or Shebol to identify us, and our people as the fathers, and forefathers of all humanity whether we knew of  it or where, or NOT.

            At least with this establishment of a Government for us, our People forcibly mixed, or not, we do have a legitimate claim to the Continent of Africa, somehow, somewhere, originally all of us as  collective groups of ONE people from OUR ONE ONLY MOTHERLAND AFRICA, whether we know it specifically or NOT. Thereby, therefore we are an undeclared people now; with this U.N.I.A.-A.C.L. Government, robbed forcibly of our identity, Sovereignty, Protection, and any claim of an origin that so many others would like for us our people to be, NOT with this Government though that was established for us officially as part of the United Nations, founded on 31 August 1920.

            With this information about ourselves we now, know more fully and improvingly we have now better; where we can have claim in meeting with or calling upon other Nations to our aid, we know where  we definitely, factually, historically, originally, and realistically have a place where once we came originally to declare when asking for help from other Nations of this situation we are going through continuously as a people. Nations of the Earth who also  have claim along with us in the collective, community, and family of  Nations; NOT just. the United States of America founded for Europeans, explorers, and rebellers, who are criminals, and want to force their wills upon  us regardless of whatever, whoever, or any others that may help, or want to help us in our collective struggles to have life, liberty, peace, freedom of being, happiness and all, so forth with essential fundamental securities for us and ours as a collective people, robbed from our original, origins.

            Thus, we have the collective Black Peoples Movement Organization to help us to re-establish ourselves with the respects and dignities of which we have been robbed as a natural, and mixed by force, our people now. We were taken from our homelands quite forcefully, not  willfully like the Europeans were, who decided to just. explore, and take to rise, and rebell against their own foundations of a mother government of themselves. - H.Q. 72, H.Q. 15:27. The Europeans have the United States Government justly as they have intended mainly, and primarily, even more rightfully for their very own selves. They want their U.S. Government to only themselves only foundationally historically, with them being Judeo-christian, Anglos, Saxons, Protestants, Catholics, and Sunni Islamists, going against the Holy Qur'an 33:6, 7;  and all other forms of rebellion for the sakes, and richness, murderously for they themselves historically, and currently.

            They do have hope though, those who are  and want to be good to us, and help us H.Q. 72, because according to our Moorish American - By Laws - Act 6:

            With us All citizens must proclaim their Nationality (even Europeans Nationals wanting to be among us doing good for us, with us - H.Q. 49:1 to 13; H.Q. 15:26, 27) and we are teaching our people their Nationality and their Divine Creed that they may know that they are a part a parcel of this said Government, and know that they are (in much better terms - scripturally, spiritually, defineably, and originally gods, goddesses) NOT Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People or Ethiopians (aka Abyssinia or the Fathers of the surroundings being something divided like Ethics, and then secondly, like originally we are not knowing, or seeing visionarily, which is just. according to us who are Moorish Americans another way of the Europeans calling us barbarically, like they know intellectually and we don't, or should not know better - a form of respectful racially biased soft criticism - about both Ethics as well as Vision which they want us to think and believe - when they renamed the Worlds maps - like we don't have such and needing this special name to teach us, remind us as they call themselves to do, H.Q. 72) because these names were given to slaves by slave holders (Europeans, Arabs, traitorous Moroccans - Moors who are responsible for having gotten together to have enslaved us) in 1779 and lasted until 1865 (the times of the Emancipation Proclamation which did not actually FREE us, - 13th U.S. Constitutional Amendment - nor make us any kind of United States Citizens, because they continued to willfully, forcefully, deny us our Nationality and Divine Creed of Islam - H.Q. 5:3 & M.H.K. 48, the Proclamation of Emancipation did not FREE us at all, because it was not never fully ratified, but considered, it was our participation in the Civil War itself, that they have allowed it, to seem so, and not being so, which is why they deny us of our RIGHTS, under their United States Governmental structurings which we often can feel, realistically we have NO RIGHTS of Equality, or Inclusion nor place, because they only allow it to seem so, because the Europeans don't need us to know, woe - so that we can continue to work for them on jobs of theirs called slaves, another name for jobs, slaves, think about it), during the time of slavery. But, this is a New Era of time now and all men H.Q. 15:26 now must proclaim their FREE NATIONAL (Nacional, of nacer, which is our origin meaning to be born) NAME to be recognized by the Government in which they live, (NOT necessarily the United States Government either, its only one Nation; beneath the Great God, H.Q. 72, H.Q. 15:27, H.Q. 2 and the Nations of the Earth. - (M.H.K. 48) This is the reason why Allah (All Are = Allah - All of All and All in All, 1John 5:6 to 8, - every living thing is linked by a cord to every other living thing; All Are = Allah, Arm - Leg - Leg - Arm - Head, not just. Metu Neter, 23/23 chromosomes normally; where men have built the Earth - Isaiah 24:5, 6 versus M.H.K. 25), the Great God of the Universe, ordained Noble Drew Ali, (El Hajj Shariff Abdul - Ali), the Prophet to redeem his people from their sinful ways. - H.Q. 1 & 36 - The Moorish Americans are descendants of the ancient Moabites (Deut. 29:1) whom inhabited the North western and Southwestern shores of Africa.


Morocco - Moors - and - The Moroccan Empire

            Morocco and the Moroccan Empire which fell once upon a time; for aiding in the enslavement of its very own people, as it once was the head Capital of all of Africa, and America, Amexem Africa, or mixed, Mexico - Africa, America with us its Indians, Indigenous People of this the Moroccan Empire, America, North, South, and all surrounding Islands of the Americas, Northpole to Southpole, Easterly, and Westerly, Morocco, remember according to the - American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary - means originally made; like of OUR Father God - Allah, here first of, and from the very Earth itself.

Born, Breed, made, originally of the Planet Earth


United States Constitution

Amendment IX:

            Not an Exhaustive list of Rights:

            The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain Rights, shall NOT be construed to Deny or disparage others retained by the PEOPLE.


Amendment X:

            Reserved Powers:

            The powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are RESERVED (reservations for Indians - death traps) to the States respectively, or to the PEOPLE.


Five - Fifths - NOT - Three - Fifths - Deprived of Two or All the Fifths!


1- Nationality - Moorish American

2- Religion, or Divine Creed, - Islam - H.Q. 5:3

3- Culture

4- Education



            According to the Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, copyright 1988 by, Simon & Schuster, Inc.


1- Nationality=

            2) the status of belonging to a particular nation by birth or    naturalization; identification as to national origin.


2- Divine Creed=

            Divine -

            1) of or like God or a god

            Creed -

            1) a brief statement of religious belief; confession of faith

            3) a statement of belief, principles, or opinions on any subject


3- Culture =

            6) a. - the ideas, customs, skills, arts, etc...

            of a people or group, that are transferred, communicated, or             passed along, as in or to succeeding generations

            b. - such ideas, customs, etc... of a particular people or group in a     particular period; civilization c. - the particular people or group             having such ideas, customs,    etc...


4- Education=

            1) the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc..., esp. by formal schooling; teaching; training 2) Knowledge, ability, etc... thus developed 3) a. - formal schooling at all institutions of learning b. - a stage of this {a high school education} 4) Systematic study of the methods and theories of teaching and learning.

5- Land=

            1) the solid part of the Earth's surface not covered by water 2) a specific part of the Earth's surface 3) a. - a country, region, etc... [a distant land, one's native land] b. - the inhabitants of such an area, nation's people 4) ground or soil in terms of its quality, location, etc... [richland, highland] 5) a. - ground considered as property, estate [to invest in land] b. [pl.] - specific holdings in land 6) rural or farming regions as distinguished from urban regions [to return to the land] 7) that part of a grooved surface which is not indented, as any of the ridges between the grooves in the bore of a rifle 8) the Land a euphemism [for land's sake!] 9) Econ. Natural resources

1) to put on shore from a ship or boat 2) to bring into; cause to enter or end up in a particular place or condition [a fight landed him in jail] 3) to set (an aircraft) down on land or water 4) to draw successfully onto land or into a boat; catch [to land a fish] 5) [Colloq.] to get, win, or secure [to land a job] 6) [Colloq.] to get, win, or secure [to land a job] 6) [Colloq.] to deliver (a blow) - vi. 1) to leave a ship or boat and go on shore; disembark 2) to come to a part or to shore: said of a ship 3) to arrive at a specified place; end up 4) to alight or come to rest, as after a flight, jump, or fall - land on [Colloq.] to scold or criticize severely.

- land=

            combining form 1) a kind or quality of land [grassland, highland] 2) a particular place or realm [England, dreamland]

            Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

            I have a dream today.....

            The Lutheran, Protestant reform church when it rebelled from the Roman Catholic Church which was the beginning of all Protestant Denominations Worldwide - H.Q. 30 & Holy Bible - book of Romans

            The Moors once sailed across to the 4 corners of the World, symbolized by the 4 white Circles of the Moorish American Nation State Government's flag!

            The Moors have come now into our own from the year 2000A.D. - Read the book of authority on this subject:

            Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant Bey's - Noble Drew Ali - The Exhuming of A Nation.

            Moroccan flag=

            Fallowed for betrayal against its very own people.

            Moorish American flag=

            Symbolically Proud reflecting the World history of when there were Dishonorable and Honorable Moors alike with the white quadrants reflecting the Moorish travels in our own flag the Moorish American Nation State Governmental flag. - Read this book - Noble Drew Ali's - The Exhuming of A Nation, by, Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant Bey, (aka) Dr. Akhnaton Pert Hru Tutankhamen Bey.

            White is Purity    

            Purity is God

            God is Ruler of the Land.


            [ME - Middle English, more - OE - Old English mor, wasteland, akin to LowG moren, to tie] - possibly basis of Marine - IE = Indo - English - base mori,- sea > Marsh, MERE (rice - Marshes = Arsenic - poison), 2 L mare, sea: basic sense swampy coastland] Like the soldier that was caught on a land mine in the movie "The Boys of Company - C" - where indigenous Blacks (formerly - Moors) and Latinos (Moors mixed) were forced to fight to defend the United States interests like in so many other places around this World.

            1) a tract of open, rolling, wasteland, usually covered with heather (like - heathen; X-mas, Jer. 10:1 to 4) and often marshy (marsh mellows = a snack made from pork dust for heathens) or peaty; (like - a peaty crime over which so-called minorities Blacks and Latinos are often generally killed, or brutalized); heath (like goats - skin or the ram, symbolic of the devil with his horns of fierce arrogance, Iblis - chief of all evil and the jinn race - H.Q. 2 & H.Q. 15:27, H.Q. 72) a tract of land with game (hunted like animals) preserves.


            [Early ModE - or akin to MDu maren, possibly basis of the word - Marine, LowG moren, to tie] - (like a necktie, noose or a rope to perhaps a ship or boat)

1) to hold (a ship, etc...) in place by cables or chains (like a ships Anchor chains) attached as to a pier or special buoy (mooring buoy), or by two anchors 2) to cause to be held in place; secure - vi. 1) to moor a ship, etc..... 2) to be secured as by cables

            1) Moor=

                        [ME - Middle English - More - Ofr - Old French - More, Maure (Maurice Foggle) - Fugle - Fugitive] - U.S. Marshals Case vs. Rev., Dr. Shams. 91 Bey, 12 CV 5875 - L Maurus, [Borus as in Karloff - Creature Feature - Chilla Theatre - Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula Vampire versus Metu Neter - Abnormalities that occur at times wonderously in even Human Births - European Forcible - F.E.M.A. - Medical Experimentations and spare Body Parts transplantations) a Moor, Mauritanian - Mari.- time - Nautical time - Navy time - Marine Corps - Gr Mauros - Greek - Mournings like of funerals] - 1. a member of a Muslim people of mixed Arab (Black) and Berber (= Bearded) - descent living in N.W. Africa 2) a member of a group of this people that invaded and occupied Spain in the 8th Cent. A.D. - Moorish adj.


            [Sp, lit., Moor - L - Latin, Maurus]

            Borus as in Karloff - Chilla Theatre - Creature Feature - Monster Movies - Apocalypse (Revelation) - Strange creatures prophecied to be upon the Earth (Esp.- at the times of the End).

1) a member of a group of Malay (Islamic - Malayasia) - M.H.K. 48 - peoples living in the S Philippines


2) any of the Austronesian languages of the Moros - adj. of the Moros



            Kingdom on the N.W. coast of Africa, bordering on the Atlantic & the Mediterranean; a Muslim kingdom since the 11th Cent. from 1912 - 56  (20 September 1956 my only and elder brother's birthdate and name - Bruce Bernard (F.M.) - (St. George's, St. Bernard, dog- Thornton) was divided into a French protectorate (French Morocco) after the Moroccan flag became fallowed, due to betraying its own people into Slavery, for the Arabs, and Europeans to build up the United States, a Spanish protectorate (Spanish Morocco) and - the International Zone of Tangier (established in 1923); 254,815 sq. mi. (659,970 sq. km); pop. 23,667,000; cap. Rabat (the Year of the Rabbit - 1963 like 7 July - n. [m-] 1) a fine, soft leather made, orig. in Morocco from goatskins tanned with Sumac (the Good Summaritan - Holy Bible - Parable and Story) 2) any Similar leather; as one made from sharkskin (shark cartilage - Pool shark - Rifle Man, Sniper) - Also, Morocco leather - Morocco adj., n.



            A Genius Fool -

            [arbitrary use (by H.H. Goddard - Drill Instructor in the Marine Corps - Godsoe - 1866 - 1957, U.S. psychologist of Gr - Greece, moron, neut. of moros (Neutron), foolish, akin to Sans Mura, - Stupid] San Francisco California Atom = Adam - Jude 14 - 1) A retarded person R. mentally equal to a child between eight and twelve years old: an obsolescent term: See Mental Retardation. 2) a. very foolish or stupid person - moronic - moronically, moronity, or moronism.



            adj. [L - Latin > Morosus, peevish, fretful, fastidious - mos (gen. Moris), manner: See mood] 1) ill - tempered; gloomy sullen, etc..... (Joel - Holy Bible - book) 2) characterized by gloom (Psalms 23) - Rev. 5:4 - Morosely adv.- Moroseness n.



            [ME - Middle English fallow - OE - Old English fealh, akin fealh, harrow, felly (of wheel) - IE - Indo English, base pelk, to turn - Gael olca, fallow land] - 1) land plowed but not seeded (like a people uprooted into slavery from their very own land) for one or more growing seasons, (Negroe, or Needing to grow) to kill weeds (destroy one's nature) make the soil richer, etc..... (sold for profit - human cargo - slavery - slaves - jobs) to be left idle (felt the Moor slaves would do nothing not react) in this way (when things happened even currently) - adj. 1) Left uncultivated (having no culture) or unplanted (uprooted) 2) untrained; (not learnt - mute (or) ignorant - inactive (idle - shiftless, lax, lazy, not capable, accepting) - said esp., of the mind (Hosea 4:6) - vt. [ME - Middle English - falwen - OE - Old English, fealgian - fealh, fallow land; infi. (infinitive) by fealwian, to fade - feal: see fol. (following): to leave (land) unplanted (uprooted) after plowing (torn, killed, mutilated, denied, deprived, uprooted) - lie fallow to remain uncultivated, (accepting being without culture, Hosea 4:6) unused, (care-less, without regard, un-noticed, ignorant) unproductive, (denied life, and right; as to any life, accepting, lax, lazy, shiftless, uncouthed, - adj. [ME - OE, Middle English, Old English uncouth, unknown, uncunning, not + cuth, pp. of cunnan, to know: see CAN1]

1) [Archaic] not known or familiar; strange MHK - 25 versus Isaiah 24:5, 6; Hosea 4:6; H.Q. 2:44 - 2) awkward; clumsy; ungainly 3) uncultured, crude; boorish - uncouthly adv. - uncouthness n. - cunning - adj. [ME - Middle English, versus  having skill, knowing - H.Q. 72, 96 - prp. of Cunnen, to know: see CAN1] 1) [Now Rare] - (Rev., Dr. Sedjet Atun Neheh Bey, Ord.D.D. - Ancient Egiptian Order - No. # 4167 - The Flame who is (Rev., Dr. Shams. 91 Bey) the Unique One - Sun - Rev. 21 or 22, The Bright and Morning Star) - skillful or clever - 2) Skillful in deception; sly; crafty - 3)Made or done with skill - H.Q. 72, 113, 114 (The Curse of Willie Lynch) or ingenuity 4) Attractive or pretty in a delicate way; cute - n. 1) [Now Rare] - clever proficiency; Isaiah 24:5, 6; Hosea 4:6; H.Q. 2:44, H.Q. 2:285, H.Q. 2:145, H.Q. 2:256, 2 Tim. 3:1 to 7, 2 Tim. 4; skill H.Q. 72, H.Q. 96, H.Q. 103, H.Q. 109, H.Q. 91 - 2) Skill in deception; slyness; (Proverbs - 1) craftiness - H.Q. 113, 114 - Syn., - Clever, Sly (Hosea 4:6) - cunningly adv. - cunningness - boorish = adj. - like or characteristic of a boor; rude; [obnoxious, awkward; (H.Q. 62) - (MHK - 25) or ill - mannered (without morals, R.a. unscrupulous) - person (?) - Syn. Rude - Isaiah 24:5, 6; Hosea 4:6, 2 Tim. 3:1 to 7, 2 Tim. 4; James 2:13, Matt. 7:7, 8 - H.Q. 2:44, H.Q. 2:256, H.Q. 2:285, H.Q. 49:13, H.Q. 72, H.Q. 96, H.Q. 91, H.Q. 103, H.Q. 3:103, H.Q. 20:102, H.Q. 113, 114, H.Q. 36, H.Q. 63 - boorishly adv. - boorishness n. (like a brute), etc...... for a time (H.Q. 103) - John 8:32 - Fallowness n.


5 - Inconstancy, Jealousy, Misery, Etc..... attributes of (the Lower Self versus the High Self aspirations) - Nafs. - A.L.M. - Ammara, Lawama, Mu'maina - Id, Ego, Superego (Research look these up)


Id = Pleasure, Ego = Selfishness, Superego = Charitable


Know thyself and thy Father God - Allah! - S.


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice


Equality and Unity!

Salvation, Our God, Unity

H.Q. 27:30 versus H.Q. 74:30

Matt. 6:9 to 17 and Matt. 23

Humility versus Humiliation

7 - Hebrews - 7

Rev. 2:1, 2


            Allah the Father of the Universe, the Father of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. Allah is my Protector, my Guide, and my Salvation by Night and by Day, thru his Holy Prophet Drew Ali, "Amen."H



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