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Health and Hospitals

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Hospitals violate their own Patient Bill of Rights concerning their services to our people Blacks and Latinos. We need our OWN Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, Specialists, and General medical centers with schools, Universities to teach and train our very own doctors and nurses as well.

Patients Bill of Rights versus Bill of Rights


1- Supposed Right - Receive treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or source of payment.

1- Instead - Herbs I wanted was asked about pertaining to me instead of what kinds I wanted along with the chemical medications was ignored which can alone by themselves cause death, especially if too very strong. This is in violation to being able to receive treatment without discrimination which is a bias call.

            Discrimination against my methodologies as a respecter of the Oriental Chinese Philosophic forms of medicine, and I Rev., Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord.D.D. was denied, I was given the deadly medications alone instead.

2- Supposed Right - Receive considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment free of un-necessary restraints. 

2- Instead - They have patients walk around with pencils, not respecting it being more dangerous than even pens.

3- Supposed Right - Receive emergency care if you need it.

3- Instead - Sickly patients go unattended made to suffer.

4- Supposed Right - Be informed of the name and position of the doctor who will be in charge of your care in the hospital.

4- Instead - They assign to you often, nurse practitioners calling them your doctor, who violate your personal rights to care whether you like it or not, they force their wills upon you without regard to how you feel or any other opinions. - Conducting their Experiments - on you!

5- Supposed Right - Know the names, positions, and functions of any hospital staff involved in your care and refuse their treatment, examination, or observation.

5- Instead - The staff normally hides their identification forcing patients by convencing (brutalities), persuasions of coercions to take their medications.

6- Supposed Right - A No Smoking Room - (Selfish Weaponries)

6- Instead - Forget not smoking, patients can carry weapons - Pens, Pencils, other things! [Attacks]

7- Supposed Right - Receive complete information about your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

7- Instead - Forget disclosures of information of personal matters they hide these too, getting upset about you asking even penalizing you, as they practice their - witchcrafts on you.

8- Supposed Right - Receive all the information that you need to give informed consent for any proposed procedure or treatment. This information shall include the possible risks and benefits of the procedure or treatment.

8- Instead - They blindly give treatments without any informed consent at all, admitting even to trying their Experiments on you without your consent.

9- Supposed Right - Receive all the information you need to give informed consent for an order not to resuscitate. You also have the right to designate an individual to give this consent for you, if you are too ill to do so. If you would like additional information, please ask for a copy (you are told) of the pamphlet "Do NOT Resuscitate orders A Guide for patients and families."

9- Instead - They use trickeries to try to kill patients. So - called, care with medications unknown to even them. - This is their only option if one is not able to respond being seriously ill, there is NO right for you if choose that they continue to see if you will live or just naturally die regardless of your own bodily decomposition.

10- Supposed Right - Refuse treatment and be told what affects if any, it may have on your health.

10- Instead - Treatments are rendered without any much knowledge at all.

11- Supposed Right - Refuse to take part in research. In deciding whether or not to participate, you have the right to a full explanation.

11- Instead - They use force in treatments for all that's done, including forcing unwanted vaccines on you that one may not want with many apprehensions about; not caring how you feel about it at all, sometimes even many not whatsoever.

12- Supposed Right - Privacy while in the hospital and confidentiality of all information and records regarding your care.

12- Instead - There is no Privacy for treatments, all is done and conversed about wide open. Regardlessly!

13- Supposed Right - Participate in all decisions about your treatment and discharge from the hospital. The hospital must provide you with a written discharge plan and written description of how you can appeal your discharge.

13- Instead - They either refuse to give or even will provide the discharge Plan but by coercions refuse to discuss patients treatments in so many ways.

14- Supposed Right - Review your medical record without any charge. Obtain a copy of your medical record for which the hospital can charge a reasonable fee. You cannot be denied a copy solely because you cannot afford to pay.

14- Instead - So often many times they refuse to review violently arguing back to you instead.

15- Supposed Right - Receive an itemized bill and explanation of all charges.

15- Instead - Able to afford it or poorly not, they do provide a bill [of their abuses and mistreatments overcharging you often, when it is mailed to you after you go home.

 16- Supposed Right - Complain without fear of reprisals about the care and services you are receiving and to have the hospital respond to you and if you request it, a written response. If you are not satisfied with the hospital's response, you can complain to the New York State Health Department, then take protocol going all the way up to Washington, D.C. head of the United States Government. The hospital must provide you with the Health Department telephone number(s) to get your case(s) going.

16- Instead - They hate and brutalize you if you ask any questions at all about such matters. Better report your complaints to a Sovereign Indigenous Government to forward to the United Nations for the best possible compensatory legal actions.

17- Supposed Right - Authorize those family members and other adults who will be given priority to visit consistent with your ability to receive visitors.

17- Instead - They don't ask anything about family much at all just at times seldomly, neglecting those duties of obligations and responsibilities.

18- Supposed Right -  Make known your wishes in regard to anatomical gifts. You may document your wishes in your health care proxy or on a donor card available from the hospital.

18- Instead - They make donations standard though you may object, for organ donating, even performing operations in error, or letting people die for organ transplant usages.

19- Supposed Right - The right to a Professional staff language interpreter to maintain your rights, especially those of confidentiality, and privacy.

19- Instead - They sometimes use patients when interpretting languages, violating all rights.

United Nations Interventions Needed

Forward all your complaints to our Government(s) then to the United Nations - General Assembly Council, and all other international country allies of our Government around the World. - Ok, Possible for something to get done about these situations with much considerate, compassionate help at the U.N.!