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Reparations by Unification



Monogamy In Islamism

H.Q. 4:3> If ye fear that ye shall not - Be able to deal justly - With the orphans, - Marry women of your choice, Two (2 - 99), or three (100 - 999), or four (1000 - 9999); - But if ye fear that ye shall not - Be able to deal justly ( with them ), - Then only  " *one (1), or ( a captive ) - That your right hands possess. That will be more suitable, - To prevent you - From doing injustice.

Polygamy in Islamism

There is No man who a woman will find that will not desire another woman in his life if he is honest whether he gets with her or not which is another matter {Matthew 5:27 & 28}, and did you know that most all Prophets of the scriptures had more than one wife. It is not until the European concept of Christianity that one wife actual became a World Dominant Reality, and the end of the book I told you about explains about the falsehood of Christianity as well. I think to as being in the human services field with the degrees that I have and almost being nearly a doctor which is my goal that it goes against the Science about Social Reality, and the plight of our people concerning the Genocide of most of us, for us as black men becoming more and more extinct to not want nor accept more than one the desire of more than one wife to at least replenish the loses of our race throughout history. I might even want to say that in the sense of the way a man is able to reproduce which is in multiples when having more than one wife, it may be considered in a way selfish and Scientifically counter - productive and in line with Europeans goals of Recking the Creation for a man not to have more than one wife as long as the unification can be Loving, Understanding, and Loyal. It is and has always been the goal of Europeans to limit our numbers because they themselves if one does their research will find that Europeans have a harder time reproducing as opposed to our people whose our people's original heritage is and was always to live in tribal circumstances and not this so - called monogamy of the poor reproducing Europeans. This is just another falsehood that they have given us along with Christianity, among other things that they have corruptedly given us as well with their selfish falsehood, and falsifications. So, please consider what I am saying here, and let us get to know one another a little before deciding on such life impacting plans. The life one lives is all their own and they will have No one to feel bad about or for them when it is all said and done but they his or herself as an individual when it is all said and done anyway No one else, we all have but ourselves to answer to concerning all these things and how we choose in relation to ourselves and others. Another lesson of the Moors is that we are all here but to share with and be of service to ourselves in relation to others. This is called "Tao" and it is another lesson we learn as being Moors from those of the orient or far East!

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