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Reversing the Affects of Willie


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Counsel by the Proverbs

.H. 3:103* & 13:11 .Q.

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1-      Willie Lynch and its teachings are real to us, but only Psychologically if we agree to its premises.

2-      It has taught us -1- to think differently about each other and as individuals selfish to Ourselves.

3-      We need instead to start or learn to think in terms of One Love, One Fight, One Struggle, One God, One Aim, and One Destiny! – To Live NOT merely Survive as One People from One Origin, the First People put here by Our Father God Allah. Like Parent – (s), Like Children, or Vicegenerant!



5-      Learn to live of, for, and by each other, stop looking to, and depending on others for everything try, and for all that we do, and / or need to do for Ourselves, and each other, think collectively in all that we say, think, feel, want, desire, need, and do as One People, not just. Individuals to Ourselves singlely, individually alone!

6-      Start by correcting the fools amongst us, and being our brothers – gods, and sisters – goddesses keepers, acting, doing, being, and knowing that we are not, and never were intended to be anything at all in any way lesser.

7-      Think, feel, act, and do to grow to develop for ourselves, and Others.

8-      Know thyself, check thyself, correct thyself, and seek to help all others.

{All Are = Allah}

9-      I am no better than you basically, you are NO better than me basically, - if I see that I am, it is my duty, and responsibility to see that we work together to get to become equals. – Oriental = Taoism.

10-   If I have, you should have, if I want, you too may want, if I feel, you too can feel the same way, after all there is NOT much DIFFERENCE between you and me basically, One has, and the Other may not, being deprived. Let me fill that void for you my brother – god, and / or sister – goddess. I do not want to be judged, therefore I should not, must not be a judge against you, unless I am able to help you better your situation of circumstances, having what I have, if you want what I have, being what I am, if you desire to be what I am, stop thinking we are or should be so DIFFERENT, we are not different basically, but can become unique as we grow, as we DEVELOP, as we LIVE NOT JUST. SURVIVE.



~ Knowledge is an infinite Evolution and Revolution As Well ~

11-   Stop the European’s battle of the SEXES, the riches, the educated, the intellectuals – respect the innates in each other equally, (bow) we are not much different in some of the ways that matter most, we are more a alike than we know, we can be.

12-  The things that may make us different are not as odd as the POTENTIAL of what, and who we are or can be if we try, look beyond the ability, look into the MIND, the soul, the SPIRIT, look into the foundation of where and whence we came.

{H.Q. 15:26, 27}

       13- Stop being or allowing others to be victim or victims of their own circumstances,        and environments, help if you can, if you cannot help, don’t be a contributor to      hurting further, if you hurt one, you hurt us ALL. We can be in some way, who, and        whatever we want to be, having as well. We are not as much victim of circumstances      as we think, we can achieve even if perhaps in different ways. There are many paths,   many things we do, many we are, we do not even know OUR own potentials until we look at each other and compare, then in realizing, realize that as much as we are         different, we are all – ALL ARE = ALLAH basically the same.

       14- We COLLECTIVELY must learn these many finite, one way, infinite another way lessons, then WE SHALL OVERCOME as a PEOPLE – COLLECTIVELY!

            Amen – and – Amin.a – Emanuel

            Amina Emanuel

            Amin – So Be It!

            a – alif = Friend

            Emanuel – God is with us!

                        We have ONE TRUE FRIEND who is God – Allah – All Are with us nothing             else even matters nor should it NEVER!


            They say:

            NEVER say never!